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Unlimited Remote & Phone Support For Your Business
Service Level Agreements (SLA)

In the spirit of our constant strive for improvement within our company and service of our clients, ITI Smart Solutions now offer Service Level Agreement (SLA) Support agreements!

Our SLA’s are designed to provide you with unlimited remote & phone support for your business all year long, no matter the season - for one fixed monthly rate.

Enhance your company’s efficiency and control costs - all in one step

What’s Included

  • Flat Rate per Month: Based on the number of computers and servers, our SLA’s are cost-effective with a monthly fixed price to help you maintain your budget for IT support throughout the year.
  • Unlimited Remote Support: Minimize cost-issues, increase productivity and gain access to the latest technology with unlimited remote support during business hours.
  • Active Server Monitoring: Highly engaged monitoring and surveillance of servers to proactively identify and fix problems before they have a change to affect your business.
  • Webroot Anti-Virus: Get military grade and bank-level security protection on your sensitive, personal data across multiple computers and servers invulnerable to theft, malware or corruption.

Other Perks

  • Reduced cost for onsite labor
  • Vendor Management
  • Asset Management
  • Improved Computer Support and Response Time
  • Free Annual Walkthrough

Give your business an edge over the competition with our SLA!


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